✌️Why Choose Mest?


The permissionless nature of blockchain implies freedom, but it also suggests disorder. In the future, transactions on the blockchain will not only reflect an individual's balance sheet but will also represent one's lifestyle and value propositions. This diversity and complexity will lead to a chaotic and disorderly state of transactions. We urgently need a simple, open, and community-driven approach to interpret transactions on the blockchain.

💡 Mest's Idea

  • Public issues of uncertainty often rely on community-driven for resolution.

  • Sharing and lableing transactions is an , decreasing information uncertainty and fulfilling the human need for order.

Community Dilemma

  • Lack of public services providing transaction metadata;

  • Preference for creating private solutions rather than sharing and collaborating;

  • In an era where data is seen as a valuable asset, few are willing to share data freely;

  • More importantly, public issues are often more directly and effectively addressed through bottom-up public resources.

The Graph is an excellent case in point, showing that an open system can integrate more contributors and public resources than any single enterprise. Today, most blockchain data applications can index structured on-chain transaction information based on Subgraph, thereby reducing a lot of redundant parsing work. However, even with structured transaction data, we still lack a standardized way to express the purposes and scenarios of transactions, which affects how we calculate costs, taxes, and many other critical economic activities.

Why Do We Need Mest?

So far, numerous wallets and browsers have attempted to address this issue in different ways, but few are moving in the right direction, with several key problems: privatization, high costs, inefficiency, and inaccuracy. What we are looking for is:


  • Simple, practical;

  • Avoid reinventing the wheel;

  • Do not create new concepts and terminologies;

  • Submit a plain text message based on Ethereum, Nostr that meets the REA requirements.

Community Driven

  • No permission required;

  • Leverage local knowledge;

  • A mission-driven vision;

  • Provide high-quality tools and a robust reputation system, allowing everyone to participate.