Mest App


The Mest app is a graphical interface for sharing and labeling transactions, and it's also a client that interacts with the Mest protocol. It's nothing special; if you don't access the Mest app, you can still interact with the Mest protocol in any way you like.

How to Use

  1. Discover interesting / valuable transaction records;

  2. You can combine these records as stories to share;

  3. You can also choose to label these transactions with their purpose and scenario;

  4. Eventually, you will see this information in the Mest app or other Nostr clients.


Sharing Transactions

  • A List is a collection of multiple wallets, as free and flexible as a Spotify playlist;

  • A Story is a collection of multiple transaction records, which you can present in different visual views (transaction sets, profit and loss statements, cash flows, etc.), and you can also discover more related stories and wallet lists from it.

Labeling Transactions

  • Agent is the transaction scenario, usually like smart contract protocols such as Uniswap, Aave;

  • Event is the purpose of the transaction, usually financial use case classifications such as Send、Swap、Mint.

Core Features

Advanced Features

What else can you do with the Mest app?

  1. On-chain news

  2. Multiple wallet management

  3. Multiple wallet transaction information stream

  4. Custom multi-wallet indicator dashboard

  5. Simple, yet powerful transaction record querying and filtering