Mahjong Points

Don't misuse Mahjong points, as it doesn't help anyone. The Mest community grows through valuable content, not vanity metrics. We can progress slowly without unchecked growth. Mahjong points thrive on a sustainable system.

The "Reputations" system of Mest is based on Mahjong points, an experimental game mechanism that mints and burns the Mahjong points when users carry out most of their actions in the community.

Why Mahjong

  • Mahjong is the prototype of the Mest logo and a meme;

  • Mahjong is also a proof of work, rewarding the fastest to find 13 hash values;

  • Mahjong is a metaphor for time. You'll see results if your work is valuable; otherwise, you probably won't.

Mahjong Specification

Every new user starts with 100 Mahjong points as seed capital. When users consume the service, Mahjong points are burned, but at the same time, Mahjong points will be minted by contributing to the Mest community.

Mahjong's supply and demand

Initially, Mahjong points are based on typical user interactions within Mest. Later, we plan to expand the supply and demand scenarios, such as payment, financial statistics, and wallet slots, Making Mahjong points more stable and usable.


Receive a like


Send a like


Shared story becomes recommended


Favotite a wallet list


Shared wallet list becomes recommended


Favotite a wallet


Reporting content that is approved


Shared content being reported/hidden




Buy a Mest Seed NFT



  • The minting/burning of Mahjong points is irreversible, meaning spent won't be restored if an interaction is cancelled.

  • The interactions between users involve a balanced minting and burning process. For every Mahjong point minted, another is burned.